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  1. We identify vicinity from the state board of published slums. We then identify reliable social workers and local guides in order to gain in-depth understanding and demographic knowledge.
  2. Our volunteers along with the local guides, do a scrupulous house to house survey to assess the needs of each family.
  3. We use strict filtering and short listing methods to find out the most deserving families and classify them into different categories with regards to their specific conditions as below:
    • Widows/ Single Parents
    • Orphans
    • Elderly without support
    • Physically challenged and unemployed
    • Unemployed youth
    • Mentally challenged
    • Family 360
  4. We identify their specific needs and support them in these areas by making a sustainable difference in their lives; through interim reliefs or monthly support projects.
  5. We continue to closely monitor the beneficiaries, help resolve any hindrances or obstacles to their progress, and assist their development in all possible ways.
  6. Project Smile is also open to receiving requests from well-wishers to extend its support to needy families. We make sure all cases are meticulously verified and documented.