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We aim to make our brothers and sisters in humanity smile by alleviating their hardships while preserving their dignity. Our goal is not only to take care of their immediate needs, but to make them self-sufficient and productive members of our community. We provide wholesome care for their financial, emotional, educational and spiritual needs.

We are a grass root organization which works directly with the people, it is supporting. This design allows us to get to know the people we help on a personal level. Ability to hear their stories and concerns enables us to provide for their specific needs in a dynamic fashion. We provide support to our beneficiaries until they grow and become self-sufficient.

PROJECT SMILE’s vision is as follows:
  1. PROJECT SMILE will be a distinctive platform used to help, develop and empower people to bring about a wholesome change in their lives.
  2. PROJECT SMILE will focus on making men and women self sufficient, by equipping them with necessary skills, education and opportunities.
  3. To provide a loving childhood and safe, nurturing environment for needy children, without discrimination of caste, creed, ethnicity and/or community.
  4. To identify and nurture orphans, needy young boys and girls, to become social reformers in their communities.
  5. To prepare and assist youth to join the workforce.
  6. To motivate and involve the members of the community, to serve the identified population directly or indirectly through their work and other services. So as to enable them to grow and be productive members of the society.