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  • With PROJECT SMILE you can be assured that 100% of your donation will go to the needy. PROJECT SMILE does not cover its expenses from the donation money, and all our work is carried out by a team of volunteers who do not receive any payment for their work.
  • Unlike other charity organizations, we leave the door open for you to come along with us and distribute the charity yourself to the needy.
  • We provide a variety of projects for you to sponsor.
  • We are a registered government approved grass root level organization. We will soon to receive a tax-exempt status.
  • We entertain your requests and ensure that your help reaches the deserving souls in the most transparent manner.
  • We at PROJECT SMILE want to inspire others to be active agents of positive change and do not believe in monopolizing the field of charity work. Therefore, our survey data, resources, and assistance are available for all those who wish to reach out to people in need.
  • The organization that developed this website are pro-charity, affiliating and supporting Project Smile.