Ramadan is a time of sharing and caring. Each year, Project Smile distributes “Ramadan Kits” to many needy families. We try to relieve them of their grueling daily needs and help them enjoy the blessings of the holy month with utmost dignity. Through your support we hope to reach more families each year.

Ramadan Kits include staple grocery for an entire month. Our average Ramadan Kit contains the following:

Rice 25kgs
Wheat flour 10kgs
Ragi flour2kgs
Toor dal 3kgs
Moong Dal 2kgs
Masoor Dal 1kgs
Sabza seeds250gms
Sugar 5kgs
Roohafza 2ltrs
Oil 3ltrs
Ghee 200ml


Make a disadvantaged family smile during the blessed month.

*Your zakah money can be utilized for this cause


Eid is a time of collective celebration, not individual. We cannot truly enjoy the festivities of this day without spreading smiles among our needy brothers, sisters, and children. Project Smile does its utmost to spread smiles and happiness among disadvantaged families by meeting their needs so they too can observe the day of Eid with dignity.

Our Eid Parcels include clothes, gifts, dried-fruits and other provisions to make their celebration a memorable one.

Your Zakat-al-Fitr can be utilized for this cause


Thousands of families suffer tremendously every year during harsh winter months. Not only do they live under distress during the cold season, their and their children’s health suffer because of it. Project Smile provides basic provision to the needy individual and families in order to make their lives more comfortable.

The process is done very meticulously taking in consideration the number of members in the families, their age, and their individual needs.

An average Winter Kit includes beds, bedspreads, blankets, outerwear, and other necessary supplies for each member of the family.